A new place, again; after countless moves and at least six homes (and gardens) fixed up and left or sold.  A military life has its quirks!   We took the leap on this one, though and are determined to make it the real farm (we did call the last place a farm, but with only laying chickens and one batch of broilers not sure if it really qualified…we did have a tractor – I think that might be what does it).  We lucked into this gorgeous property since the owner hadn’t even actually listed it yet.  As soon as he saw it Tractor Man (TM) had to have it.  I walked in a month later seeing it for the first time and I’m in love too. 


It has some amazing features since the builder was a contractor and had access to some unique materials.  My favorites so far are the custom barn doors and the wisteria covered  I-beams over the back patio.  He also supposedly rented the property for weddings and parties.  Ahh

 someday (I’m saying this in my dreamy voice as I have a 2-month old and 4-year old so this isn’t happening soon).  In the meantime, new kitchen applian

ces were the first upgrade and make one homesteading lifestyle change right off the bat – no microwave (the matching one was WAAAAY overpriced).  Apparently we need a washer/dryer too since our 2-year-old set doesn’t fit through the laundry room door!   Bye Bye appliances, hello Lowe’s. 

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