Greenhouse frame Up!

It’s July here and HOT!  Thank goodness for the pool.  We’re making good use of it!  We hired someone from Craigslist to get a recycled play structure… it was a great deal but I felt so sorry for them out there in the sun!  Decided it’s a good time to resurface the asphalt too, since we have huge cracks.  Most importantly, though, we got our greenhouse frame!!  Another Craigslist find, it was purchased by a couple who never put it up.  Not a standard shape – I think it’s actually a carport frame but it came with the heavy duty greenhouse plastic and it’ll work just fine.  Now, to get the cover on…

 We signed up for Mountain Bounty’s CSA as we obviously won’t be growing our own this year… all three shares (veggies, fruit, and flowers).  What an awesome selection!  Look at this veggie drawer and that’s not all of it.

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